Why the government of Nepal decided to ban Chand party and its activities? Video Report

The Netra Bikram Chand-led Communist Party of Nepal has said it will strongly retaliate if the government moves to suppress the party & its activities. Issuing a statement on Wednesday, a day after the government decided to ban Chand outfit’s activities, calling them “criminal”, the party has also termed the move to curb its activities “ridiculous”. The government branded the Chand-led CPN a criminal group & banned its activities on Tuesday following two blasts in the Capital in the span of two weeks.
A man had died in the first blast, on February 22, in Nakkhu near the gate of head office of Ncell, a private sector mobile company, which has been the target of Chand party cadres in recent months. The second blast occurred at the residence of a foreign employment businessman in Basundhara on March 8. The Chand party has owned up to both the blasts. The government had said it decided to ban Chand party’s activities because they were more criminal than political & that they were unleashing terror among the general public & were becoming a security threat. The Chand party had also stepped up its “donation” drive of late. Watch full video feature to get the details!
Chand, who left the Maoist party that waged a decade-long war against the state in 2012, had formed his own party in 2014 to launch what it called “unified revolution”.