Watch Exclusive Video | Kag Sammelan by Ramesh Dulal

In this Video, We are going to Watch an amazing work, recently done by Ramesh Dulal.
he Recently did a kag Sammelan in Kathmandu.

Last week sometime, Tuesday, I think, there was a huge crow convention held in my neighbourhood.
At least fifty crows gathered on the roof of an apartment building down the road, the tallest building around here.

I have never seen so many crows in one place before. Usually they gather in families of four or five, and sometimes seven or eight, but I’d never seen
dozens gathering like that. They were very noisy, and I think they were plotting something.

but I have seen for the first time that there were 100s of crows gathered by a man, I was amazed by his work.

you just check this video to get the details!