The Central Police Dog Track down Drug Dealer from Tribhuwan International Airport Today | Video Report

The Central Police Dog Training School, established in 1969 A.D., is now upgraded to Dog Training School in 1991 A.D. which conducts dog handler course, dog training on various topics such as drug, explosive, tracker,  etc.
The service of dog sniffing in any program of VIPs & national celebration has been managing by the school since its establishment.
NPA has developed 10 years further plan for its growth which will enable this institution to be self reliant & complete. This plan has 2 major parts.
First includes full fledged infrastructural development of NPA with all facilities required, planned to be built in Panauti, 25km east of Kathmandu.
& Secondly, after NPA’s shifting to Panauti, the present NPA premises will be occupied by Detective Training School. This school will be upgraded to Detective Training College.
Further, a new administrative building is under construction within NPA to accommodate new challenges in training. Likewise, the forensic science lab will be shifted in this building after the completion of construction work.
Finally, NPA strives to be transformed into a “Centre for Excellence after achieving the plan.
In view of the requirement of huge number of skilled human resource & job specialization concept in investigation, Detective Training School was established by developing Detective Training Wing within the available resources of National Police Academy in 21st April 1996 A.D.
It conducts various trainings on Crime Investigation as mentioned earlier. Watch full video report right here: