The Biggest Flood Reported in Saptari District: A Thousand Houses Destroyed, Urgent Meeting Called at the home ministry

By the evening, 3500 people of 750 families have been completely affected according to the locals.
The Chief District officer of Morang, Ramesh Kumar KC informed that especially the Biratnagar Metropolitan Municipality, Budhaganga, Katri, Dhanpalthan & Zaida village were highly affected. According to him, many villages of Katri have been undermined in the floods filled with floods.
KC said that they are currently residing at schools, community buildings, temples, public & safe places in the house where they are unable to stay in their own house suffering from misery.”
There is no human damage reported.
The Biratnagar Metropolitan Municipalities have been the most affected among others. Mainly Ward no 1, 6, 8 & 16.
KC said that especially the Sukumbasi settlement was affected & all the houses were flooded. According to the villagers, Ram Kumar Kamat said that most of the constituencies of VDCs, 1, 2, 3, 4, VDC were underway.
He said that many houses were undermined after the flood in Lohindra river, which was due to the border of Katri & Dhanpalthan.
Kamat said that in the ward number 6, 5 houses were also underway.
Gunnu-4-based Ganju Toll, surrounded by four-dimensional water, some people caught inside the house & they are asking for rescue. With the increase of water, hundreds of families have become unsecured after the locals are opened.
Morang police chief SP said that after the incident that took place by the floods, Katyari & Dhanpalthan, adding that there was a possibility of extortion of the bridge.
Ashok Bhagat of Katahari-3 said that he started drinking water with flood in his house. Umshkumar Sahta of Katyari-3 said that the flood caused by the flood was going home. Vadha Chairperson of Katyari-3, after making a lot of problems due to rain, said that he had come out with the explorer for the morning. Kindly check this video to get the full details about this incident! Watch full video right here: