Tanka Budhathoki published all expenses of ashok’s house construction

Tanka Budhathoki is one of the popular singer among the Nepali Music Lovers.

Blessed with a golden voice, he has touched the hearts of millions with his songs.

He has proven his versatility in the field of music with his various singing style in various genre.

Ashok Darji is a famous child singer in Nepali Music industry and number 1 trending singer on youtube.

he was born 9 years ago in Jhapa district.

due to the pour economic condition of his family, Ashok did not get an opportunity to get a formal education.

but he had a god guifted voice so he was singing as a street singer to collect some money for him and his family.
1 year back, 1 of the youtuber found him during his journey and he was so touched by his voice then he decided to make a video about him.

fortunately, that video gone viral and Ashok got a pchance to record his first song “Man bina ko Dhan”

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