Talk With Lawyer Swagat Nepal about Shilpa-Chhabi Divorce Case

The disputes between Nepali actress Shilpa Pokharel & her husband film Producer Chhabi Ojha settled in a compromise at the police office following an agreement not to guarantee security to Shilpa. Deputy Superintended of Police Hobindra Bogati at MPR said the case was settled following agreement not to create any disturbance.
“He said sorry & assured me not to repeat again,” said Shilpa before heading to car.
Pokhrel, a renowned Nepali film actress, has filed a police complain against her husband Ojha & demanded her security at Metropolitan Police Range, Teku, on July 7.
She claimed that her husband committed multiple physical assaults against her in the past few months.
Pokharel, who is now living with Samjhana Rouniyar, sister-in-law & also an aide of Pokhrel, said that they agree to withdraw the case following a written apology by Ojha.
“We were forced to file the police case as we felt insecure due to repeated threats issued by Ojha.” Ojha dismissed the charges that he thrashed her on June 26 causing hearing problem.
After settlement in police station, Pokharel said that only I can feel the pain & suffering. Kindly check this video for full interview!