Talk with Jassita Gurung | Video

Jassita Gurung is a Nepali actress, model, and dancer. She is one of the rising stars of the Nepali film industry. Jassita is the winner of UK dance off 2017 organized by Sapan Entertainment LTD. She was totally unknown before winning the dance competition.
Jassita Gurung was born on July 23, 1994, in Pokhara one of the beautiful places of Nepal. She spent most of the childhood in  Pokhara & later she moved to the UK. She was very interested & curious in the glamorous world from the early age of childhood. Gurung is also interested in the dancing. She did some modeling & dance training when she was in school. She used to participate in dancing competitions from her very early age.
Jassita Gurung started her glamorous career by winning the UK dance off 2017. This competition helped her to rose her fame & then she got chance to be featured with Pradeep Khadka in Lily Bily. She grabbed the best debut actress award from Lily Bily  directed by Milan Chams. Her career as an actress is yet to see, she has played only one movie till now. We will see how audience response her in the near future. in this Video, we can see an exclusive talk with Gurung. Watch full video right here: