Talk With a Neali Couple about their Life Struggle | Video

In 1980 Prachanda (a nom de guerre meaning “fierce”) was tasked with leading the All Nepal National Free Students’ Union (Revolutionary), which was affiliated with the radical Communist Party of Nepal (Masal), or CPN (Masal [meaning “flame” in Nepalese]).
In 1983 he was elected to the central committee of the CPN (Masal), which soon split in to the CPN (Masal) & the CPN (Fourth Convention). In 1985 the CPN (Masal) divided again, into the CPN (Masal) & the CPN (Mashal [“flame” in Sanskrit]). Prachanda joined the latter, becoming a member of the politburo and rising to the position of general secretary in 1989.
Several leftist parties merged in 1990 to form the CPN (Unity Centre), with Prachanda as a general secretary, but in 1994 it also split in two. In March 1995 Prachanda renamed his branch to reflect its Maoist leanings—the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The CPN (Maoist) launched its insurgent campaign to abolish the monarchy with an attack on several police stations on February 13, 1996. In this video, we can see that Prachanda is helping for a couple who is suffering for their lively hood. watch full video right here: