Take Chand Outfit in to Confidence for Talks: Nepali Congress

The Nepali Congress has called on the government to take the Netra Bikram Chand-led Communist Party of Nepal into confidence & convince them to come to the negotiating table. In a statement on Saturday, NC spokesperson Bishwa Prakash Sharma urged the government to take initiatives without any prejudice to bring the Chand-led party within the ambit of constitution. The government on Tuesday had decided to take stern measures against the outfit, saying that the group had been involved in violent activities.
The main opposition party cautioned the government to not adopt the path of prohibition against the constitution. The Chand party, which was accused of indulging in extortion & criminal activities, had detonated two bombs in the Capital on February 22 & March 8. 1 person had died & 2 others were injured in the first blast in Nakkhu. Wath full video to more details below!