Supreme Court lawyer reveals horrific game of rubbishing with 200 million (video)

Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepali television presenter.He runs the show ‘Sidha Kura Janata Sanga’. Nepalese people living in Nepal & abroad love him & his show, which is broadcasted from News 24.
He had reached to Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates through Dubai where he received a warm welcome.
The journalist has reached there for the update of the suicide of Nepali woman Astami Gurung.During an interaction organized at the Nepali Embassy in Kathmandu, many people living there participated where the journalist provided an update regarding the case of Nepali woman Astami Gurung who has been allegedly forced to commit suicide.
“More people turned out at the program than we had expected.So, I realized that there was some lacking in the management of the interaction program.
I came to know that many people returned.I am very much saddened by it & wants to beg pardon,” he said going live on Facebook.