Such guidance from the Nepal Army recently! US – Iran episode, what about now?

Such guidance from the Nepal Army recently! US – Iran episode, what about now.A Brazilian judge on Wednesday ordered Netflix to stop showing a Christmas special that some called blasphemous for depicting Jesus as a gay man & which prompted a gasoline bomb attack on the satirists behind the program.The ruling by Rio de Janeiro judge Benedicto Abicair responded to a petition by a Brazilian Catholic organization that argued the honor of millions of Catholics was hurt by the airing of the first temptation of Christ.
The special was produced by the Rio-based film company Porta dos Fundos whose head quarters was targeted in the Christmas Eve attack.Netflix told The Associated Press it would not comment on the ruling.Porta dos Fundos also declined to comment on the judge’s decision which contradicted an earlier decision rejecting censorship of the program.
The ruling is valid until another court orders otherwise.Abicair said the program’s withdrawal is beneficial not only to the Christian community but to Brazilian society which is mostly Christian.The ruling comes at a time when some civil groups say far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is waging a cultural war cutting funding for arts projects that challenge Christian values & inveighing against flamboyant carnival celebrations.
Early on the day before Christmas a group of hooded men attacked the head quarters of Porta dos Fundos with Molotov cocktails.
No1 was hurt.
A video circulating days later on social media showed 3 men claiming responsibility for the attack.The First Temptation of Christ depicts Jesus returning home on his 30th birthday & insinuates he is gay.
Religious groups bristled at the depiction.Creators of the film have defended it as legitimate freedom of expression.