Such a huge proof in the hands of Nepal again. India must leave Nepali land

The Rafale Dill, Chowkidar thieves & Sabarimala temples are being decided in dispute on Thursday during the Babri Masjid-Ram temple start.
Immediately after the decision was made by the Hindu side, Ram temple which was religiously debated all over the world a historic decision was announced on Wednesday in the area of information.
Stating that the information of the judges & the court should not be inaccessible, the Supreme Court acknowledged that citizens should have access to the information.
The decision came under the authority of the office of the Chief Justice of India.It will challenge the world’s customs for keeping information confidential.
Only 3 important & politically controversial issues are being decided in the Supreme Court on Thursday‘Watchman is a thief’ Rahul Gandhi had created this slogan against the Bharatiya Janata Party & Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his time as the President of the Indian Congress Party & in the mouth of the election.
Gandhi had accused Modi of being a watchman thief while campaigning for the 19 general elections.
Soon after the leaders of the entire BJP had made a brand name in the election by placing a watchman before their name.
A contempt case was filed in the Supreme Court against the statement of Rahul Gandhi.In association with Rafael Dill, Gandhi made the slogan ‘Watchman is a thief’, saying that the scammer cannot be the watchman of the country.
The case was taken to the Supreme Court by BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi.