Salute to Nepalese Army, rescue people from flooded Nepal

The flood in Kamla river has reached the village of Basipatta situated in Siraha Municipality 6.
Due to lack of Anti-Field Sulus built for the irrigation, it has come to the flood in the village.
After the local government is started, local administration is working to put water on the plastic sacks & turn off the water to stop it.
Flood flow in the Kamla river has been increasing due to continuous rainfall for 4 day. According to local Indrajit Yadav, the flood of Kamla river has
begun due to rain from morning till morning.
The entire Bighah area has been under pressure. According to the local police, the locals are working to put soil in plastic bora, after coming to the
police administration. Do not stop flooding, the risk of going to home at home is increasing. The Kamala River Control Scheme, Janakpur, was constructing
Umerkot Anti-Felt Sulus.
According to police spokesperson, DSP Anilaj Bohara, locals, armed police & Nepali soldiers have been deployed in the flooding process, with the news that
the floods are going to the village.
He now informed that the soil is being stopped from the Kamala River by plowing soil in the sack.
He said that the flood has not suffered much yet.