Sad News Reported from Morang, big Damage: 700 families Lost their Houses

This is another sad news reported from Morang district which is located on State No. 1.
Since 10 July, 37 of the 77 districts in Nepal have been impacted by floods & landslides triggered by heavy monsoon rains.
Solukhumbu & Palpa districts were particularly affected by the combined effects of flooding, landslides & heavy monsoon rains.
The Government has provided cash grants to families in Saptari District whose houses were destroyed by the floods. A rapid needs assessment is ongoing in Saptari.
Red Cross volunteers & emergency teams are searching for survivors as flash floods & landslides have submerged thousands of homes in several parts of Nepal, mostly in the south of the country.
The floods & landslides have claimed at least 53 lives over the past three days, in the Terai region bordering India & other areas of Nepal, according to the Government of Nepal.
Dozens more are missing or injured. “Monsoon rains & floods in the past 2 weeks have affected more than 100,000 people.
First aid & relief supplies have been provided around the clock by hundreds of volunteers from the Nepal Red Cross Society,” said Dev Ratna Dhakhwa, Secretary General, Nepal Red Cross Society.
Due to continuous rainfall in different parts of the country, approximately 100,000 people in 31 districts have been affected by the floods & landslides in the last 2 weeks. According to the Nepal Red Cross Initial Rapid Assessment reports.
A total of 27,861 families have been affected, of which 6,247 families are displaced. Some 2,964 houses are completed destroyed & 8,344 are partially damaged.
The report indicates that 16 people are still missing & 44 people have been injured.
The numbers have been increasing day by day. This is likely to continue as some of the affected areas are challenging to access.
NRCS has already deployed 448 Red Cross volunteers including District Disaster Response Team members, trained First Aid & National Disaster Response Team members on the ground for immediate response. Kindly Check this video which will explain everything about Morang Sad incident.