Rabi Lamichhane Case Update || Video

Basyal launched the hunger strike mainly to protest police brutality against the general public in Surkhet a week ago. According to Basyal, police personnel
in Surkhet district had taken 10 people under control from a public forum & beat them indiscriminately.
People had gathered at a programme called by campaigners of Nepalko lagi Nepali with the aim of spreading awareness against increasing corruption in the
country. Participants at the programme, who are in Kathmandu told THT that police also arrested them without any warrant.
“Although many were released the same day, Gyanendra was held for a couple of days where he was beaten brutally,” they informed.
Gyanendra was transferred to Trauma Centre in Kathmandu on May 30.Meanwhile, issuing a press release today, the National Human Right Commission has condemned
the police action of taking Gyanendra Bahadur Shahi in custody without arrest warrant & torturing him in custody for speaking at a public forum in Surkhet.The
NHRC has concluded that Gyanendra was held in police custody without any arrest warrant.
Police have detained anti-corruption activist Gyanendra Shahi from a press meet held in Lalitpur on Sunday afternoon.Police Chief Tek Prasad Rai told Online that Shahi was held for security following a brawl at the press conference.
“He has been taken under control for security reasons,” he said.Shahi himself had organized a press meet to inform about what he witnessed at Dhangadhi Airport before his departure to Kathmandu on Saturday afternoon.
In the incident, Buddha Air flight to Kathmandu was delayed by 1 hour due to Tourism Minister Bhattarai.Infuriated passengers including Shahi had vented ire at the minister for causing the flight delay.
Later on Saturday, the minister regretted over the incident & clarified that the flight delay was not deliberate.
After coming back to the capital, the minister said that the flight was delayed by 15 minutes as the program he attended in Tikapur, Kailali lasted longer than expected.”The Buddha Air flight was delayed by 15 minutes as per our request because the program lasted longer than expected.
I sincerely apologize for causing the flight delay,” Bhattarai said.