Popular Journalist Salikram Pudasaini found dead in Chitwan, Wife Disclose some Facts with Medias

Rabi Lamichhane is the respected Nepali broadcast journalist. Who is known as the Guinness world recorder of longest marathon television talk show & Siddha Kura Janta sanga.
He born on September 5, 1974, at Bhaktapur, Nepal.
Currently, he is 44 years old. Probably his height is 5 feet & 7 inches.
Currently he is in kathmandu Nepal. He passed slc from Bhrikuti Secondary School with first devision 66.3%. then he went to Ratna Rajya campus for further study.
Lamichhane was the manager & supervisor of a subway restaurant in America.
He used to work there for almost 8 years. Currently, he is running his own Television talk show called sidha Kura Janta sanga which is so popular in Nepal.
In this talk show, he introduces the problems of normal local people along with the solving criteria.
He also alerts the government body by doing the great work that they are not doing.He won the heart of all Nepalese people.
In social sites Facebook he is followed by about 6 lakh people of the world.
His qualities in language variation or we can say he is familiar with languages like Nepali, English, & Hindi.His birth sign is pices.
Besides all that he is song writer.He wrote songs for Ram Krishna dhakal & Nabin k Bhattarai. His hobbies or we can say he is intrested in Travelling, reading, writing etc.
He is regular guy to go to gym everyday.
Lamichhane is a very talented respected role model of Nepalese society.
Every people is inspired by him mainly in the field of media sector journalism.Through sidha kura janta sanga he is solving the problems of an individual local peoples who are ignored by government.