Nirmala Murder Case will be solve in a Week | Police IGP Khanal

Sorry mother, I could not sprinkle the 2 pokemon chocolate picked up for 33 kg, while going abroad, she was crying from the airport, and also coming to
the airport, is coming down from tears. I could not sprinkle 2 packets of pouches from my mother, because Nepal’s law has begun to apply a strong body
like weaker than we are. 33 kgs were heard only 33 thousand gold and Cheras Ganja and all the stuffless stuffing stuff, I could not sprinkle 2 packets
of chocolate for our mother from our airport.
My country is a thief and a fist of a temple is broken, but it can get rid of it from the airport, but some of my favorite clothes can not be entered into
my country, because the judge is my favorite country in the country of my death, and they do what they like. . We do not get fewer items in the airport
to drive 5 billion rupees of Widebird.
My question to the unfortunate people who do not know anyone in Nepal’s airport, who woke up for the government of Nepal and the law against the law, had
almost 1 kilograms of chocolate.
1) How long have you been tempted and interested in money? 2) Sujja Jan, who is wicking his throat in the land of land, stole his blood, then what do you..