Nepal launching its Satellite by Baishak 2076, After the Nepali New Year

With the start of New year 2019, there is a good news for all the tech buffs. Nepal is going to launch its own satellite soon by Baishak 2076. The Kyutech, Japan (Kyushu Institute of Technology) has assisted in the launch of Nepal’s own Satellite.
According to the Technology department head at NAST Mr. Rabindra Dhakal, Nepal Government has provided Rs 18 million to launch the satellite.
Two Nepali engineers at Kyutech will lead the satellite launch. One of them Mr. Abhash Maskey is doing Ph.D. in “Space technology Engineering” & another Mr. HareRam Shrestha is doing Masters in Electrical Engineering at the University.
As known, Kyutech is the World’s No. 1 academic operator for Small Satellites.
Till now, Nepal has been using satellite link of other countries for communication and other purposes, paying huge sums of money. With the launch of own satellite, Nepal could overcome the huge cost and National security compromise.
The Satellite will be mainly used for taking photographs of the country on daily basis and disseminate information about its mountains, hills, Terai, Glaciers, roads as well as floods. Watch full report right here: