Minister Yi to prepare ground for Xi Jinping’s Nepal visit

Spokesperson for the government Gokul Baskota has said Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal was confirmed.
However, the date would be fixed later.Minister Gokul Baskota apprising mediapersons about recent Cabinet decisions, in Kathmandu, on Thursday, September 26, 2019.
Spokesperson Baskota, who is also the Minister of Communications & Information Technology, said the government was awaiting the visit of the Chinese President & preparing to make the visit successful.
Making public the decisions of the recent Cabinet meetings on Thursday, he said, “We attach high importance & respect to the visit.”
He expressed his confidence that Xi’s visit would take bilateral relations to a new height & not only the government but also the media & citizens would play a positive role in it. According to Baskota, Nepal & China have trouble-free relations.
He said it had been 23 years since a high level visit from China had taken place & Nepal attached significant importance to Xi’s visit.
The government has taken this year as the year of high level visits in diplomatic dealings.Nepal is for reaping benefits from the socio-economic achievements that its neighbour China has made at an unprecedented pace.
In response to a journalist’s query whether the ruling Nepal Communist Party had adopted Xi Jinping’s ideology following recent ideological training held in Kathmandu Minister Banskota said, “NCP is for Nepali citizen’s path.
Revolution in any country is based on the desire of its citizens.”He blamed that some media wrote razzmatazz Beijing exported thoughts over the training.
“Anyone can adopt a philosopher’s good thoughts. Democracy & socialism were also propounded in foreign countries.
So, it is useless to talk negative.Rather, we need to focus how the Chinese president’s visit could be made successful & economic benefits ensured to Nepal,” Baskota said.
According to him, it was not unusual for ministers to attend trainings organised by their party.“Don’t distort issues,” he warned saying “We endorse people’s mandate.”Meanwhile, the Cabinet has endorsed monitoring directives on implementing Right to Information-2018 & Nepal Trust first amendment Regulations-2019.