Manoj Gajurels Former Wife Meena Dhakal Celebrates Independece Day After Final Confirmation of Divorce with Manoj

Mina Dhakal is a Manoj Gajurels Former Wife. Manoj Gajurel is a popular comedian, Writer & actor of Nepalese film industry. He was born on 29 Baishakh
2031 in Khebang VDC of Taplejung District.
He has started his career as a junior actor on 1987 AD and now he is known as a stand-up comedian. His father Bhawani Prasad Gajurel expired when Gajurel
Was just 4 months old & that’s why, he couldn’t feel the love of his father since his childhood stage.
It was His mother Indramaya Gajurel who took care & taken all the responsibility as a father for Manoj. Strangely, he changed 11 different schools till
He passed School Leaving Certificate (SLC).

After his schooling from 11 different schools, he decided to come to Kathmandu to get a job along with study to support him and family. He has been graduated
On Mass Communication from Tribhuwan University. He had started his career acted in many of his own VCDs and audio cassettes. Some of them became really
Popular. Such as, Photocopy, HAHAHA, ManojRanjan ETC.

Slowly, he started doing caricature of popular leaders such as, Puspa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”, the chairman of Nepal Communist party Nepal & of X- King
Gyanendra Shah. After his regular presentations through audios and radio programs, he has offered so many stage programs. He has visited almost all districts
Of Nepal and many countries s to attend stage programs like India, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium,
Denmark, Qatar, Netherlands, and many more!

after 5+ years of stay at Kathmandu alone, finally he found a girl named Mina Dhakal and they both decided to stay together as a couple. Manoj was 22 years
Old & Mina was just 19 years old when they got married. It was not an arrange marriage, it was completely love marriage. According to Manoj Gajurel, he
Found somewhere Mina’s house phone Number and he did some bluff calls to Mina for a couple of months before they finally met.

After sustained such a long married life for 22+ years together, they decided to end of their relation which means, divorce after 2 decade.
The Divorce is still a puzzle for us because Manoj hasn’t talked to media about this decision. However, He has already confirmed that by writing a long
Statement through his personal Facebook.

In this video, we are trying to communicate with Manoj to know the reason behind to end up with Mina Dhakal. We will explore more with their relationship
And try to find concrete & decisive factor that had caused the divorce. So, kindly follow this video to get all the details!

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