Mata Sabita Saru Sharma Acharya talks about someone trying to kill her

Here is a fascinating meeting with soothsayer Sabita Acharya. She predicts about numerous things. She as of now told about numerous political pioneers,
previous lord, and other famous big names. Presently she predicts about this. watch this selective video. Sharma Acharya glad to help other which makes
her happy even she is not fine. She take other problems as her own and solve it till the last point which makes her proud and also make her more energetic
to do more in this field. Sabita Saru Sharma Acharya have reached most of the districts of Nepal and plan to reach all the districts in coming days by
helping everyone. More love and cares from the foreign nation made her more hopeful to do her work.She used to spend 18 hours with her devotees even though
its not been sufficient for her to reach with everyone.