Income of Rajesh Hamal from Ko Banchha Crorepati

Ko Banchha Crorepati is a Nepali television show television game show based on the British program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The show premiered
on 2 February 2019 on AP1 Television and will run for 52 episodes. It is hosted by Rajesh Hamal and produced by SRBN Media Pvt. Ltd. Contestants can win
large cash prize up to 1 crore (10 million) Nepali rupees.  Rajesh Hamal is a Nepalese actor, environmental activist, producer, director, singer and a
comedian . He is also popularly known as the “Rajesh Dai”, “Shankar”, “Megastar”, and “Maha Nayak”. Hamal is a host of popular nepali Television show Ko
Banchha Crorepati.