Happy News Came to Nepali Workers Who were Living in Dubai

Dubai is a wealthy country located in Asia continent. It is known as one of the best economic stories of the 21st century.
It is famous for luxurious hotels, luxury/super Cars, an underwater tennis court & luxurious malls.
Dubai was formed about 50 years ago & construction of “Best Dubai” is still going on!
Dubai is the capital of 1 of the 7 states comprising the United Arab Emirates “UAE” & it became 1 of the most prestigious & interesting cities in this entire world! It is the largest & most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.
Dubai became the business hub of the Middle east & commonly known as “global city”. It is also a major global transport hub for passengers & cargos.
Dubai’s economy mainly relies on revenues from tourism, real estate, trade, aviation, financial services & oil production.

As of June 2017, the total population of Dubai is 2,789,000 which makes Dubai most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.
Islam is the official state religion of the UAE. However, The Constitution of the United Arab Emirates provides for freedom of religion. According to the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates, any person held preaching religious hatred or promoting religious extremism is usually jailed or if he is foreign nationals then immediately deported.

Being 1 of the booming economy, there is always in need of workers. Thousands of foreign workers are working In Dubai in service sector & construction sides.
According to recent data, there is approximately 200,000 Nepalese migrant workers working in UAE & among them, around 50,000 is in Dubai.
The UAE became fourth major destination of Nepali migrant workers, with over 50,000 Nepali workers migrating to the UAE annually for jobs.

The government of Nepal & the government of UAE inked the revised bilateral labor pact ensuring that UAE-based employers will necessarily bear all the required costs related to recruitment, employment & residency of Nepali workers in the Gulf nation on 14th of June 2019.
Minister for Labor, Employment & Social Security Gokarna Bista from Nepal & Minister for Human Resource & Emiratisation Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli from UAE put their initials signatures in the agreement.
According to this new labor agreement between Nepal & UAE, all the necessary cost borne by UAE based employers including visa fees, insurance policy fees, medical examination fees, air ticket costs, & all other recruitment-related costs.
This will be very good news for those migrant Nepalese workers who are planning to go to Dubai or UAE for future jobs & this reduces the number of cheating by asking hues amount of money on the name of high paying jobs in UAE by agents.
The UAE government will ensure that Nepali workers do not have to pay any recruitment related costs & required fees.

Other provisions are as follows:

• UAE government will ensure that all Nepali workers receive fair & equal treatment similar to other foreign workers in the UAE, including working conditions, wage protection & access to justice
• Nepali workers in UAE will be eligible to seek and obtain alternative employment when it is duly established that the employer has failed to meet contractual or legal obligations to the worker for any reason.
• In the case of occupational injuries or diseases, employer will be responsible to bear all the cost of treatment of workers

Meanwhile, a technical committee represented by both the countries will be set up to ensure proper implementation of the program & propose improvement report during next meeting.