Government of Nepal will introduce National ID Card Instead of Citizenship from this Falgun | Full Report

The task of distribution of National Identity Paper, which started to secure the biological and personal details of each Nepali safely, has now been
considered a statutory way.
Despite the government’s expectations to make the government service fast, fast and effective, a decade ago, the concept of national identity was completed
only through the policy and program of the financial year 2066/67.
Due to this, there was a problem with many sports, disputes and government’s delay in printing the identity card. After all, this effort has become definitive
to be fulfilled now.

National Identity Management Center has prepared all the necessary infrastructure for printing the identity card and kept printed machine in the ministry.
Executive Director of the Center and Joint Secretary Ram Krishna Subedi informed that the work will begin to distribute identity cards from the inside.
He said, “Now citizens are walking by carrying different cards, including citizenship, license, ATIM. Once the national identity card is shared, one card
can be used to all. ”
The Center will distribute a national identity card to 1 lakh 17 thousand citizens in the first phase, in which one lakh will be distributed in 10 thousand
Panchthar districts and seven thousand government employees working in Singarbarbar.
A code number will be provided for the refund of each citizen in the card. Similarly, now every person born to the new birth card will be given the code
number for the entire life.
Although the plan has been planning to use the details of the citizens collected by the Election Commission, the Center itself has started working the
details of the details due to the incomplete details.
The details will be kept in the introduction paper, including the name, thir, age, gender, birth date, permanent address, father and mother’s name, husband’s
wife and the identity card number in the fingerprint, picture and individual details of the hand, under the biological details of the citizen.
In the front part of the card, there are details of government impression and person’s national flags and bargains. Similarly, in the back of the card,
the picture of rare a ring is marked.
The security system that does not allow any person’s privacy to be dissolved, says the center on the card. According to the international standards, the
personal details on the card, Safeguard, safeguarded, safeguarded.
National identity cards will be given details of the passport department, freight, traffic system, registration office, local body, bank, telecom, driver’s
license, public service commission, and PIN number.
The plan has been promulgated by detailing the introduction of the ID card, the number of citizens foreigners, details of taking social allowance, application,
miscellaneous and taxpayers.
The electronic protected chips will be kept in read only by the machine in the details section of these details. Statistics can be stored in a large amount
of simpler chips on mobile phones.
According to the statement, former police chief Hemant Mall card has been delayed, saying that the use of cards has helped to maintain peace, control cr!me,
and prevent the registration of documents.
“If a person commits a cr!me, the card helps him to understand all the activities of his family from the past, which can easily be done by the cr!minals
to [email protected] him.”
He said that the card would be useful even to implement the decision of the court, to find unauthorized property, to prevent cr!minal activity, and to
abolish the punishment from the government body. He suggested that the card should be constructed in large quantities.
Through the card, the government has not received the service facilities provided to the citizens, and details can be taken even as the citizens pay taxes
to the state.
After distributing the first phase card, the Center has targeted 15 cards in the second phase, 25 districts in the third phase and fourth phase in the
fourth phase for distribution of cards to Nepalese people within 16 years.
A free certificate of cards will be distributed in support of Rs. 45 million grant of the Asian Development Bank for the first phase. After the call for
a call, ‘Traveling Identity and Security Company’ in France has been given the charge of printing cards.