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The all party meeting convened by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli Saturday evening decided to initiate formal dialogue with India about Kalapani & Lipu Lekh.The government has already stated that Nepal does not accept the map issued unilaterally by India.
“The Nepal government is clear that Kalapani area is part of Nepal” the Foreign Ministry said issuing a statement last Wednesday.
“It is clear that outstanding border issues between the 2 countries should be concluded with bilateral consensus & any decision taken unilaterally will not be acceptable for Nepal government.”
The ministry stressed that border disputes between the 2 friendly neighbors should be resolved through diplomatic channel on the basis of historic documents & evidence.Government Spokesperson & Minister for Communication & Information Technology Gokul Baskota on Thursday elaborated on the historic evidence on Thursday pointing that Nepal conducted a census in the area in 2018 BS & has historical evidence proving Nepal collected tax from the surrounding areas in the past.
“That shows that the land was in Nepal’s control in the past for 1 cannot go to another country & conduct census & establish revenue offices” he argued.
The Indian government meanwhile has said it is committed to finding a solution to border disputes with Nepal through dialogue.Responding to a question about the outrage against Indian in Nepal over inclusion of Lipu Lekh & Kalapani of Nepal in the new political map published by India & the Indian government’s response to the statement issued by the Nepali Foreign Ministry on Wednesday during the weekly media briefing on Thursday Spokesperson at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs Raveesh Kumar claimed that the new map does not change the Indian borders with Nepal in any way.