Good news recently! Great shock to India, the Supreme Court has given such an order

BJP MP Meenakshi demanded that Rahul Gandhi’s statement insulted the Prime Minister of the country & that criminal case be used as abuse.
She said in her remarks that the Supreme Court did not even hear the case adding that the court had also brought in the dispute & demanded that action be taken in contempt of court.The Supreme Court heard the matter on April 7 & said that the final decision was to be made in November.
The case was heard by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi.Chief Justice Gogoi is announcing the verdict today as he goes on a November 8 watt mandatory holiday.
When the case reached the apex, Rahul Gandhi changed his statement.He said that he should not be regarded as a contempt of court because he spoke during the election.
He made the statement to the court & the judge that he was not a thief & that he could not think of it.
He also apologized for the closure of the case without apologizing.A 3 judge bench comprising Chief Justice Gogoi heard the matter & after hearing both sides the decision date was fixed.Chief Justice Gogoi has to decide before retiring on other issues like Ayodhya.
The second important of these is the Rafael Deal case.Gogoi has also heard the case in 3 court proceedings under his leadership.
Judge Sanjay Kisan Kaul & KM Joseph are with him in the case.The dispute, which is directly linked to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to push even power.
There has to be a decision in the meantime.After hearing the case, Chief Justice Gogoi was accused of sexually assaulting an ex-employee of the Supreme Court.
But that could not be proven.In the Rafal deal case, the Supreme Court gave a clean chit to the central government in a decision made on December 5.However, after a number of petitions were filed in the Supreme Court on May 9, the Supreme Court decided to hold a hearing again.
The Supreme Court had heard the writ filed by France on the allegation that it was scammed after a 1 ruffle fighter jet was signed by India.