Fast Track Update || Video

The crisis triggered by Nepal allegedly banning direct entry of fruits & vegetables from India at Sonauli on the Indo-Nepal border is likely to be resolved
in a few days.
Hundreds of trucks loaded with the perishable items have been stuck at the border. Sources said officials from both countries recently met at Bhairawan
in Nepal & agreed to set up laboratories on the borders to check any chemical contamination in fruits & vegetables.
Nepal officials, however, have denied that they had blocked entry of fruits & veggies from the Indian side. Earlier, reports had said that Nepal government
on June 17 all of a sudden stopped entry of truck insisting that the eatables be tested first for artificial colours. This had led to a long queue of trucks
in Maharajganj district.
Since the consignments were perishable, a few truckers sold the goods at throwaway prices. The nearest laboratory in Nepal is in Kathmandu, testing there
takes at least 2 days.
Narsingh Pandey, the Maharajganj district president of Hindu Yuva Vahini, smelled a conspiracy by the Nepal government to stop the entry of Indian vegetables
& fruits.
He demanded that labs be set up at the border itself. Watch full news along with video right here: