Famous Singer Prakash Saput talks about 11 years old Viral Child Singer Kamala Ghimire

Prakash Saput is known for representing the ongoing trends of rural Nepal through his songs.
He has thus far recorded close to 25 folk songs & been featured in more than 200 music videos.
His latest, ‘Bola Maya’ & “Galbandi”, portrays the plight of migrant workers & is currently trending on social platforms.
In conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, Prakash Saput revealed 5 things his listeners are not aware of him.The arrival of a new member into his life has kept him lately occupied.
He says, his 24-month-old daughter, Prabisti, is currently the center of his attention.“Being a father is a matter of pride & my experience so far has been amazing,” he added.
Prakash Saput is inclined towards books of foreign writers that have been translated into Nepali.
However, ‘Shirish Ko Phool’ by Parijat is one of his earliest reads.
He also adores ‘Seto Dharti’, a poetry collection by Bhupi Sherchan.
“I enjoyed reading the Nepali translation of Maksim Gorky’s ‘Mother’,” he added, “I am currently reading Nathiya by Saraswati Pratikshya.”