Famous Journalist Rabi Lamichhane Receives Another Threats from a Leader of Student Union

1 of the prominent Television Personality, Rabi Lamichhane is also known as the only reporter to set Guinness World Record for airing a show for around 63 hours. The show was broadcasted by News 24 Television. The show was mainly on the theme ‘Buddha Was Born In Nepal’ & he made the call to all the great politician, celebrities, journalists & all the other representative people.
On his non-stop programme, he not only set the record but also could win the heart of thousands of audience by his hard work & dedication. Besides his show “Ma Rastrako Sewak” that airs on the internet is highly rated show & currently, he runs a new type of show namely “Sidha Kura Janatasanga”.
In this show, he makes a real-time connection between the public & the responsible person about the issues. People having some problem with someone that may be a governmental officer, a business person, including a number of Nepalese celebrities, the former Maoist rebel leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the Indian ambassador to Nepal & much more. In fact, he talked to more than hundred persons in the show. The show is one of the most popular show & has already reached more than a 100 episodes. His way of asking the question to the politician makes everyone feel that he has something potential & he is something different from all others journalist present in the town.
Uncovering the bitter truth & giving justice to the people, he has been successful to be in the heart of all Nepalese People.