Exclusive : World’s Smallest Cup! Dwarves compete for footballing glory

AP1 Hd Channel is the first High Definition Channel on Nepalese Telivision industry. it was established on 2014 but became 1 of the most viewed channel in the short period of time. Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya is one of the most popular television talk shows in the nation. As the name suggests it is an effort to explore the true knowledge
on the national and international affairs that matter to the communities and the human race as a whole. The guests of the shows include top political leaderships
and renowned figures from different walks of life, mostly associated with the contested affairs. The host of the show is Mr. Tikaram Yatri, the editor-in-chief
of AP1HD Television. The broadcast time of the show is Monday (9 to10PM). Most Viewed Programme is Nepal Idol and Ko banchha Karodpati is also getting so many viewers. Rajesh Hamal is hosting this Program. Watch Full Video right here:

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