Exclusive Interview with Prem Sanjel

Government officer Prem Sanjel has created a hype over social media when he announced that there will be no any kind of corruption at his office & if they need to do work he will have to follow the rules & regulation accordingly.
Prem Sanjel during an interview shares that he has been taken action by Government when he tried to work without any corruption & he tried to bring corruption free environment at his office.
He has been supported by citizens hugely & appreciated.
Sanjel had started to monitor whether the new Labor Act that came into effect from August 17 was implemented in the district immediately after taking charge at the office.
He started with 5 big industries such as, Aarti Strips, Anand Brick Factory, Dugar Spices & Foods, Kwality Foods & Tricot Industries.
Proprietor of Dugar Spices & Food Moti Dugar is House of Representatives member elected through proportional system from CPN, owner of Anand Dilip Bagadiya is mayor of Rangeli municipality elected on CPN ticket, & Kavara Group that owns Kwality, Golyan Group that owns Tricon & Bhushan Group of India also have political connections.
Sanjel found that all the 5 industries have not implemented the minimum salary fixed by the government & warned of action if it were not implemented within a month.
The ministry handed him a letter on December 20 transferring him to Vocational & Skill Development Training Center, Itahari even as he was preparing to take action.