Exclusive: China Started to Promote Nepal Tourism as a Buddha’s Country | Video Report

A Chinese scholar on religions has slammed an article that claimed Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was actually of Chinese origin, saying
it lacks evidence and amounts to abuse of patriotism.
State-run Global Times today reported that an article has gone viral on the Chinese Internet since January 1, claiming that a Nepalese scholar named Amuhanson
discovered that Sakyamuni (Buddha) was actually Chinese and not of “Indian nationality”.
The report said the same article was carried by Chinese news portal sohu.com in November last year without mentioning the name of any Nepalese scholar.
The sohu.com article suggested that it was originally written by Li Liangsong, a professor from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and an expert
on Buddhist medicine.
Li listed 10 main reasons for his claim, such as the fact that Nepal, where Lumbini, the birthplace of Budha, was located used to be a “special district”
of the ancient Chinese empire, and the content of Buddhist Scriptures shows the culture originates in Central China.