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Electricity consumers often remember & compliment Ghising during the cold days & nights of winter.
Only 2 winters ago, the country was reeling under 18 hours of load shedding daily as water level in the run-of-the-river hydropower plants depleted.
This state of affairs had not only made people’s daily life difficult, it also hit the country’s economy hard. Ghising claims the recent meetings between Nepal & India, & the amendment to energy directorate made in December will make a huge contribution for a long-term strategy on Nepal’s energy management.
The credit for liberating the country from nearly a decade-long load shedding problem goes to Ghising. However, when he was appointed the managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority on September 14, 2016, he didn’t have a plan or target to end the power outage.
As he took the reins of the state-owned power utility by surpassing many senior potential candidates, there were speculations that Ghising would be unsuccessful just like his predecessors owing to internal problems within the state power utility.
Having worked in Nepal Electricity Authority for years, he was aware of the organisation’s internal mechanics, which proved very helpful as he set out to end the country’s load shedding. Interestingly, the topic of his postgraduate thesis at Pulchowk Engineering College was ‘Integrated Resource Planning with Demand Side Management’.