Call Police IGP Sabendra Khanal directly after Hema arrives at the police station. Just look …

Call Hegpi Sabendra Khanal directly after Hema arrives at the police station. Just look …The Social Development Ministry of Sudurpashchim Province is learnt to have been involved in irregularities in that it distributed phased-out mini-trucks as state-of-the-art ambulances to different districts & local bodies here.As learnt the 16 emergency vehicles which the ministry claimed were state-of-the-art ambulances were in actuality mini trucks.
They were distributed to 9 districts in the province 2 months ago.The particular model made in 2014 is no longer in use as the manufacturing company Tata Motors has stopped its production & distribution.The ministry had purchased the vehicles last fiscal.
As per the current market price the truck costs Rs 1.885 million including vat.
However in view of the fact that customs tax is exempted for vehicles to be used as ambulance it doesn’t cost beyond Rs 800,000.
The ministry however paid 3.907 million rupees for each of the vehicles.“Let’s assume they spent additional Rs 1 million to convert the Rs 800,000 worth truck in to an ambulance but that way too the total price would total to Rs 1.8 million per vehicle where as apparently the ministry paid some Rs 2.1 million extra for each of those so-called ambulances” sources said.Information Officer Hemraj Khadka at the Social Development Ministry admitted the ministry had released payment of Rs 3.9 million per ambulance.
He however claimed that the vehicles were made in 2016 not in 2014.According to experts the 407 model vehicle produced by TATA is an outdated model.
The model is not in use even in Nepal.
It has very little ground clearance & isn’t clearly for hilly areas so putting a truck to use as ambulance is ridiculous.
Mean while most of the ambulances distributed have been lying useless till date.Watch this video along with full interview and report right here: