Another Sad News Reported from UAE, Nepalese Workers in Trouble

In this video, we are going to watch an exclusive discussion about the problems facing by Nepalese workers in UAE. UAE is a prime destination for nepalese workers where 1 Million Nepalese workers are working. they mainly work for security service, Cleaning department, Hotel line and other service sector. most of the workers are receiving their salary on time and getting other benifits according to UAE Labor law. but some of the workers still suffering not to get salary on time and not to get better medical service or other benifits according to the labor law. so, we will watch the permanent solutions discuss by an expert with Rishi Dhamala.Program: Janata Janna chahanchhan Presenter: Rishi Dhamala Guest:Satyanraan Mandal and Ramkrishna Yadav Video By: Prime Times Television. Watch full video right here:

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