Anjana Lama Mahat Case Update With Video

On the other hand, if you follow the social media in Nepal then you must aware with Lalitpur Kanda where a brother murder his Sister in-law a few days
ago. in this similar video, we are going to follow up about this case as well. Ujjwal Mahat who is popularly known for a audio engineering of most popular
song “Suna Saili” has been claimed for chopping his 25 years old sister in law Anjana Lama Mahat’s head off by striking Khukuri.
Now, He has been taken into custody for murdering sister in law Anjana Lama Mahat.
Few days prior, Ujjwal Mahat shared an status mentioning about his ear problem & wrote, “NAMASTE, All my friends & well wishers, past 5-6 months aghi dekhi
mero ears ma problem aeko karan I have left my proffession & career as an audio engineer permanently & I have left all the studio related works & audio
works permanently, Mero account ma suspicious activity dekhiekole maile facebook chalaunu sakeko thieena : facebook , messenger ra gmail hack vaeko hunasakchha,
so sorry for that… Thank U all for always loving & supporting me… Sorry for the late post…”
During an investigation, Chaapa Gaaun Municipal Police team divulged that Ujjwal didn’t had bad relationship with any member in family at all. But according
to Khiuju, “Ujjwal seemed to be unstable since few months, He had a changing behavior, He used to behave & talk rudely with family member, although the
relation with brother was good.” Watch full report along with both the issues right here: