5 Benefits of Donating Blood | Surprising Facts About Blood Donation

In this artical, we are going to discuss 5 killer benifit of donating bloods which you never know!

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There is a reason why the World Health Organization describes blood donation as “the most precious gift anyone can give to another person”: a donated blood sample can save up to three lives.

However, blood donation does not benefit only those who receive the blood.

Donors also experience a number of benefits. See these five important health benefits that people experience when they donate blood.

1: Reduce the iron in your blood.

Many people, especially men, have too much iron in their blood, which can oxidize and cause problems with blood vessels that increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.
Blood donation is a good way to remove excess iron from your blood and protect your health.

2: Free health check

Before donating blood, you will get several checks to see if it is healthy to continue. The best part of this is because it’s free. Therefore, you can
see if you have any abnormalities in blood pressure, diseases or various medical problems.
If you pass the checkup, you can donate blood. Then, if you ask if you are sick or not, you can go for a free check-up at the hospital.

3: Giving blood can reduce your risk of developing cancer

In an average person, completely healthy, the link between managing blood and decreasing the risk of cancer is scarce. But the research does support a
lower risk of cancer for blood donors with different diseases, one of which is hemochromatosis.

4: Burning calories

On average, people burn 650 calories during the blood donation process, which is equivalent to the number of calories burned during an average spin class.
For this reason, donors must meet the minimum weight and age requirements to ensure they can donate blood safely.

5: It makes you feel good.

Helping other people has a profoundly positive impact on your mood. A single blood donation can save up to four lives, so when you roll up your sleeves,
you know you’re doing something that makes a difference.

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